Positive Energy Homes

Positive energy homes-Positive Carbon Homes

Anybody can build a carbon neutral house, simply by replanting a large enough area of the Brazilian rainforest to compensate for the carbon emissions involved in the process of building the house. We do things differently. All our timber framed homes have such a very low net energy input that the lifetime carbon footprint is tiny. Some of our competitors will boast of producing a zero or a low carbon house while talking only about the impact of the construction process. For example, timber framed homes constructed by beam and post methods with glass curtain walls or infill panels are intrinsically less energy efficient than our Swedish “closed panel” system.

It doesn’t take much to reduce our homes’ net energy requirement to zero and by the extensive use of timber in our construction we “lock in” masses of carbon for the lifetime of the structure resulting in a positive carbon home rather than simply achieving a passive result.

A breath of fresh air

All our timber framed homes incorporate a state of the art, whole house ventilation system which can recover up to 95% of the heat normally lost through draughts and uncontrolled ventilation.

Because all the fresh air is pre-warmed by this system, when its cold outside your heating system will have far less work to do, resulting in incredibly low heating costs. Cold draughts and condensation risks are eliminated and a very healthy living environment is created with a constant supply of filtered fresh air even in the depth of winter. In spring and summer you can of course choose to fling open all the windows and our massive insulation levels will help to keep your home cool.


Energy independence.

Thanks to our sophisticated heat recovery system and superior insulation, the net energy input into our timber framed homes is very low. You can easily meet that remaining requirement with solar panels, photovoltaic arrays, ground or air source heat pumps and so on. The cost of this technology is dropping as fast as the efficiency is improving, so we construct your home in such a way to allow you to install independent renewable energy sources in a few years. By that point, the capital costs are likely to have fallen dramatically and you will have a positive carbon, energy independent home.

Low carbon construction methods? Don’t believe that local construction uses less energy than we do; it does not. The energy efficiency of the manufacturing process in Sweden and our comprehensive methods of recycling and regeneration of materials means that the carbon output involved in constructing our houses is low and certainly dramatically lower than many traditionally built houses in Britain. Although it is transported from a distance, it is shipped in containers to a port as near your site as we can manage. Sea transport is extremely energy-efficient and involves very low carbon emissions that we do in any case completely offset.


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