Who We Are

The Swedish House Company is a family business, with a small team of dedicated individuals specialising in the design and supply of bespoke, prime quality engineered, Swedish timber framed homes for private clients in the UK and Ireland.

Our manufacturing is solely from our select factories in Sweden.

I am Simon Hayes and I have the privilege of managing this business.

Shortly after joining in 1983, I took over the reins from the late entrepreneur Bernard Gore based in London who pioneered the importation of Swedish timber framed homes to the UK back in 1946.

In recent years we have focused on individual designs and enhancing the detailed specifications, looking to a future when our homes need to be independent of fossil fuels.

Bernard was responsible for literally thousands of low cost Swedish homes; I on the other hand, can only claim some 500+ but each is unique and special.

Over the years we have witnessed many “fads” come and go with catch-phrases like “Executive homes” “Low energy homes” “Eco homes” and more recently “Passive homes”

In fact almost everything today claims to have “Eco” credentials; including cars!

If you would like to cut through all the marketing jargon please give me a call and I will happily talk you through what we are about and why it makes simple sense to build Swedish!

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Simon Hayes, Managing Director
Tel: 01892 509230, Email: simon@swedishhouses.com