Quality & Precision

A Swedish House is not so much manufactured as precision engineered.

We build our timber framed homes to probably the highest specification in the world. Swedish specifications. For example, we don’t use ordinary plasterboard for our walls but dense gypsum fibreboard, which will easily take, knocks, heavy shelves and the sound of rock music on the other side – without giving way. Our external doors have thick internal insulation and layers of metal for stability and security.

Quality | Timber Framed HomesSteel-like timber provides the framework for each new house. The dense, close-grain timber we use grows slowly, very slowly, straight and true in the dark depths of Sweden’s Dalarna forest. It cannot be beaten for structural strength and stability. It’s quality and dimensions far exceed even the Swedish regulations.
Which may be why the Japanese in earthquake zones like our houses so much.

The torture test for perfect fit 

With the climate in Sweden plummeting to 40º below zero, you can imagine that this is the perfect torture test for seeking out any flaws in a building fabric and tiny gaps in the insulation. In the houses we build, we allow absolutely no gaps whatsoever in the insulating cocoon of the structure – particularly vital around the windows. In our factory, the windows are actually incorporated into the insulated structure of the walls.Precision | Timber Framed Homes

It is not just the thickness of the insulation that matters; it’s the quality of the insulating material and how meticulously it is fitted. We install all the external wall insulation at our factory so our quality controls can check that each panel butts up perfectly to the next and that insulation overlaps where desirable. No gaps, no flaws, no mistakes, no cold bridging.

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