Our Timber

Dalarna Forest | Timber Framed HomesIn the special mineral-rich soil of the Dalarna forest of Sweden, the pine and spruce trees grow slowly, very slowly, straight and true. In the process, they produce uniquely dense, strong, close-grained timber.

This is the timber that lies at the heart of all Swedish House Company timber framed homes. It provides the framework for the house: a substantial structure that is strong and stable.

And it provides the beauty of natural wood for staircases, beams, doors, window frames and other visible surfaces.

Dalarna Timber | Timber Framed Homes

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For every tree that is felled, 15 seedlings are planted to preserve the forests and ensure a plentiful supply of timber for future generations. Since it takes up to 150 years for our timber to reach full maturity, you could say that we began the process of building a home for you in 1862!

And we’re ready to complete the process now…


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