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Yes, our timber framed homes are actually manufactured in Sweden!

Fabrication - Timber Framed Homes

Not all ‘Swedish’ timber framed homes are the genuine article, you may have looked at its British or Canadian counterparts and been disappointed with the quality. You may have been deterred by the lack of flexibility many modular constructions impose –which is also true of many European systems.

Sweden is renowned internationally for pioneering off-site timber framed construction in the 1930’s. Indeed, many thousands were exported to Britain after the Second World War (Our first London office opened in 1952)
Following the first international oil crisis in 1973, the Swedish government introduced legislation that spurred substantial evolution in the specification of the Swedish House leading us towards the incredible super-eco houses that we offer today.

Of course it helps that Sweden has enormous resources of prime quality timber and was also driven by climatic conditions but when you put these driving forces together with the “Swedish factor” of a Calvinist work ethic and a culture of great teamwork, you achieve great results, which drive build quality upwards.

By comparison, Britain introduced prefabricated timber frame “kit” houses simply to provide a cheaper, quicker building method and in most cases this drove build quality downwards.Fabricated in Sweden | Timber Framed Homes

This is the genuine article. It’s flexible, it’s incredibly durable, it’s quick to erect and above all it meets today’s requirements for very high levels of energy conservation and environmental respect.

Our specifications are exacting and the quality is outstanding.


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