How do I go about finding a plot?

Once you have decided where you would like to build, it is worth speaking to local people and builders.
Perhaps surprisingly, it is often effective to advertise in local newspapers. It is a good idea to make it clear in the advertisement that you are not a commercial developer but simply want to build a new home for you or your family.

Ask anybody and everybody for help and do your local research preferably on foot or on a bike!

You can approach local estate agents who may have building plots on their books, but what is more likely is that they will be able to give you details of older houses or bungalows that are ripe for development by demolishing and re-building.

Building plots are often sold at auction but you should make sure that there are no onerous restrictive covenants on the land and that there is a valid existing planning consent. Never assume anything with regard to planning permission and be aware that there may be quite substantial local development fees payable for infrastructure in some areas.

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