The whole process of constructing one of our timber framed homes takes a breathtakingly short time.

While your local contractor is constructing your foundations, work on your home is also progressing at our factory where all the external wall elements are being manufactured, with the external doors, triple glazed fully decorated windows and thermal insulation being tightly integrated into the structure.

Efficient | Timber Framed HomesEfficient | Timber Framed HomesFrom the arrival on your site of the first lorry from Sweden, to the completion of our timber frame structure frequently takes our Swedish erection team no more than 48 hours.

The first picture on the left was taken after just one day of construction

With the weathertight shell completed, this creates a dry working environment indoors protecting all the materials and allowing continuous rapid progress.

Interior fit out through to completion of the average home takes typically a further 12 weeks.



All our timber framed homes are manufactured in Sweden!

If you’re considering building your own home, it’s important to understand why having your home made in Sweden makes sense in Britain.

“So called” “traditional” building in the UK customarily involves thousands of litres of water to create the fabric of the build and to plaster the walls and ceilings inside.

Consider also our climate. The fickle British weather makes building a house a wet, windy, time-consuming process. Normally, British houses, even the most expensive, are built slowly and in all weathers. They take months to settle and dry out properly, with all the attendant creaking, cracking, warping, and shrinking. Followed eventually with snagging and filling!

Our timber framed homes are constructed indoors by highly trained and motivated Swedish craftsmen using dry construction methods in the comfort of a climate-controlled factory environment.

As is the way in Sweden, they work in teams, ensuring that best practices are strictly adhered to and the highest standards maintained.

Thus the vagaries of the British (or Scandinavian) climate are avoided, and both speed and efficiency of build can be guaranteed.

Could you think of a better way of building a new home?

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